Transparent outdoor mesh led display solution

 Solutions     |      2021-10-07 18:09
LED mesh screen is playing an important role in  indoor and outdoor advertising media market. it  has the features of high brightness, bright color, cost-effective, attractive, with built-in power supply and receiver card, each unit can work independently, which is very suitable for large-scale outdoor advertising projects.
Product Feature

1.Right-angled Connection

The edges of each module are designed to be 45 degrees, it is easier to make right-angled connection and realize glasses-free 3D display.

2.Naked Installation
can be  installed naked without cover and air conditioner because of its IP 65 waterproof rate and good heat dissipation design . It requires only a simple steel structure for installation.

3.High transparency:30%-60%
Outdoor mesh has high transparency of 30%-60%,natural lighting behind the screen is better.

4.Both Front Installation and Maintenance
mesh can be installed in a variety of outdoor environments because it can be either front or rear installed and maintained; Modules, receiving cards, power supply, cabinet, all the parts can be front maintained, not merely modules.

Max Power Consumption:360W/m2

Avg PowerConsumption:100W/m2

6.Thin and Lightweight

Cabinet Size:1000mm*1000mm*75mm

Cabinet Weights:19~20kg/m2
 transparent mesh  led cabinet widely used in shop center ,business center and  outdoor advertising


P3.91-7.8 P5.2-10.4  P6.2-12.5 P7.8-15.6  P12.5-12.5  P15.6-15.6  can be available