DIP or SMD outdoor LED Display ,which is better?
Many days ago, outdoor LED Display only have DIP Type. Nowadays, SMD type display use widely.This artical is compare the difference of DIP & SMD display to help you make decision of which kind display you need purchase.

What is DIP & SMD
SMD & DIP is different package way of LED chip.  
DIP-- It means put the bases o f DIP packaging lights through PCB, and fill the pin in lamp holders by welding.

SMD-- It means put SMT packing lapms weld on PCB.


Difference for you reference


Compared with DIP Display, SMD display have the advantage of light weight, wide visual angle, good color fidelity, and better color uniformity.For production, SMD is easy to use automatic machine to produce . Save the labor cost and able to large-scale production. In the future , SMD display will have more competitive price.