GOB Technology for led display

 Industry trends     |      2020-08-30 20:47
GOB Technology is an innovative sealing on module surface with an epoxy Glue.
1. It is a kind of packaging technology. It is a technology to solve the problem of LED lamp protection.
2. It uses an advanced new transparent material to package the substrate and its LED package unit to form effective protection.
3. This material not only has ultra-high transparency but also has superior thermal conductivity.
4. The GOB can be adapted to any harsh environment with a small gap to achieve true moisture, water, dust, impact and UV resistance.
5. Compared with the traditional SMD, it is characterized by high protection, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-collision, and anti-UV. It can be applied to more harsh environments and avoid large-scale deadlights and lights.
6. Compared with COB, it is characterized by simpler maintenance, lower maintenance cost, larger viewing angle, and 180-degree horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle.