LED-DMX512 3D LED tube Screen

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LED-3D Curtain Screen is a new kind stereoscopic screen which integrated the
advantage of LED flex lighting strip-soft and foldable. It can achieve the strong
3D stereoscopic effect. abandoned the shortage of normal flexible screen and LED
parallel lighting strip-the transmission error cause by the signal interruption.

  • 1.Good quality with low power green products
  • 2.Constan.signal transmission, anti-static, thunder proof
  • 3.Working temperature:-30℃~60℃
  • 4.Standard IP67 protective design,meet requirements for severe circumstance
  • 5. 3D size: 2.8m*1.6m* 2.5m
  • 6. there is total 448 piece strips, 40*40cm /unit

  • 1、2 piece 2.8 meter steel and 8piece 1.6 meter welding together,the size would be 2800mmx1600mm 
  • 2、hanging the structure body on the top, plese see the right
  • 3、3D power box(400mm x 400mm),use the long screws inserting the cabinets ,then fixed into structure body
  • 4、Put all the power box attched onto structure body 3Dpower box 7 x 4 = 28unit
  • 5、connect the 3d strips with 3d power box
  • 6、connect with the signal cables and power cables between the unit and unit,all would be ok

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LED-3D Curtain Screen