Intelligent Lighting Is Not Just Control

 Industry trends     |      2019-08-10 18:54

    Domestic LED lighting enterprises get involved in the field of intelligent lighting is more numerous, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, special areas of lighting, almost every area in the enterprise are talking about intelligence.According to the latest data show that by 2020, the global smart lighting market is expected to reach 8.14 billion US dollars from 2015 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate is about 22%.

    With the gradual start of a new round of lighting competition, more and more manufacturers began to really force the " Intelligentlighting" this urgent need to expand the big fat. However, the giant has long been quietly buried under the bargaining chip, doing seemingly old line is actually crazy cross-border "alliance" of the layout.

    Intelligent lighting from the proposed to the industry and enterprises "hanging mouth", and now the rational view, the whole industry chain has become more mature. But for users, intelligent lighting is now only a non-rigid requirements. In fact, in the eyes of users, intelligent lighting is too expensive, too complex, and unreliable. In fact, smart lighting is currently facing problems of the overall technical solution is not yet mature, the user experience is not good enough.Therefore, intelligent lighting, if only talk about control, and not to pursue the essence of light and lighting, that intelligence is empty, intelligent lighting products and the Internet need to combine together to achieve.

Therefore, in order to achieve intelligent lighting, in addition to the growth in demand, more importantly, the technology need to keep up because the technology upgrade is necessary to cross the threshold, what's most, is to solve the problem of information technology.For users, lighting products is not added a variety of elements even if the intelligence, and reduce the operation or even directly to save the manual operation is the key elements.