Does LED Display Hurt Eyes?

 Industry trends     |      2019-08-10 18:55

   High-density LED display  because of its unique high brightness, wide color gamut, high contrast and other advantages in many occasions is favored by the people of all ages. At the same time, high-density LED display on the human eye light biological safety issues have also caught  people's attention.
    China Institute of Metrology based on the current international standards, from the retinal blue light hazards and thermal hazards in two aspects of a P1.66 high-density LED display photobiological safety were measured and selected plasma TV and LCD TV prototype as a comparison.The test results show that, in the same brightness and white field conditions, in the blue band, although the peak brightness of the LED display is higher than the other two samples, but the narrow band characteristics of the weighted integrated retinal damage index and Not higher than the plasma TV and LCD TV, three different display retinal photobiological safety measurement data are not significantly different, three samples, LED display measurement results even better than the other twodisplays.
    It should be noted that any long-term viewing of the display on the human eye may cause permanent damage, therefore, no matter what form of display, operators should pay attention to eye health, develop good eye habits,  combined work and rest, consciously, take the initiative to protect your eyesight.